Quality Assurance & QCI

Thanks to our multi-year experience with Major OEM in Energy and Oil & Gas Market, our Specialized and Qualified Inspectors will guarantee full compliance to:

 Quality requirements
 Any Order Specs or Delivery time you may have with your supplier

The inspections can be performed to your facilities and equipment or directly to your supplier premises.


Worldwide coverage plus Localized Inspectors in Europe and Middle East.
Our Inspections cover the following areas:

• Mechanical

Critical Elements:

 Quality of Supply & Materials
 Processes and Certifications
 Time and specification check & follow up



• Workshop and Site Inspections
• Material and/or Equipment Testing
• Welding inspection (ASTM, EN, API, AWS)
• Issue and check of welding dossier made of PQR and WPS
• Coating and Painting Inspections
• Equipment and components dimensional testing
• Pre-shipment final inspection
• Certifications (NACE, SNT-TC- 1A, PT, RX, MT, UT)
• NDT Testing as per EN473 + ASNC TC 1A certified (VT, UT, MT, PT, RT)
• EHS System Application
• Inspector training



1) On Base Quality Inspections

Guarantee the Quality and correct identification of the complete (BoM) Bill of Materials shipped from Customer Sites, in order to prevent any issue/claim from Final Customers

2) Global Service Quality Inspections

Material conformity Check accordingly with Technical Documentation

3) Biosecurity Inspections
      - Biosecurity Material Flow from WHS picking to Vessel Loadout
      - Biosecurity Criticalities & Inspection
4) Final Mechanical Testing

Maintain a Permanent Quality Standards, Skids Completeness, Non conformities Resolution, 6 Sigma